01 Computer System is one of the leading Audio Visual Solutions providers in Singapore.

We provide a wide variety of solutions ranging from video conferencing system, meeting room system, smart class room, projection, video wall, digital signage, multimedia services, total AV turnkey solution and many more.

With the ability to tailor Audio Visual solution to the individual needs of each client, we ensure high customer satisfaction by provided high quality solutions within the required timeline and budget.

Our people know the importance of relationship marketing as a means to ensure customer satisfaction, and this has proven with our growing strong clientele base in the Government (ministries and GLCs), Education Institutions, MNC and SMB segments.

Outstanding, prompt and reliable customer service is our first priority.

A suite of essential Audio Visual Solutions we provided will include;

1) System Design and Planning
Through a systematic approach of comprehensive consultations and professional assessment, a feasible solution will be formulated to meet our client’s objective.

Our experience and dedicated team place great emphasis to client’s special consideration in order to provide the optimum configuration, functional layout and placement of equipment; keeping in mind the aesthetics and practicality of the finished product and/or area. We also strive to make usage of the equipment as user-friendly as possible.

2) Professional Services: Installation, Engineering, Migration, System Configuration, Integration, Testing & Commissioning
Our Installation services include cables laying, points, termination, equipment and fixtures installation making sure that equipment are racked neatly and concealed cable management cables are properly managed and concealed.

01 Computer provides ample manpower and intellectual capabilities to plan, execute and manage labour-intensive projects of various sizes. They are experienced and able to complete and undertake complex audio-visual engineering projects swiftly and efficiently, while meeting the high standards set by 01 Computer and our clients.

In order to maximize the performance of the entire solution, it is also important to configure individual equipment correctly for performance maximization, as well as seamless integration with the rest of the equipment so as to reap maximum benefits to the customers. Site Engineer will perform numerous testing till it is ready to perform user acceptance test with the customers. Upon acceptance, a commissioning certificate will be issued to mark the completion of the project.

3) Project Management
We ensure our clients that your Audio Visual Projects will be professionally managed and taken care by 01 Computer System in a timely and responsible manner.

We provide our customers with complete project management to ensure all sites are well-supervised at all times to deliver the project promptly within the budget and implemented according to the schedule and design.

4) Maintenance Contract
After a system is built and commissioned, it needs to be properly maintained to keep it running at the optimal level. Our professional services team offers various types of maintenance contract that cater to different needs in services, the services package is customizable to meet even the most challenging requirements.

5) Repair
01 Computer can provide our customers with on and off-site repair services in cases where there are any faults detected during operation. Our engineers are able to be deployed on-site swiftly to diagnose the fault for the cause and if possible, rectify the problem with an immediate solution

6) Relocation
Our customers can rely on our professional team to ensure a smooth relocation of your facilities and necessary procedures needed prepared to meet the budget and targeted date. We provide full pledge of services right from the preliminary site inspections on the equipment and infrastructure prior to de-commissioning the entire system before relocation till actual relocation, installation and commissioning at new site.